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Headlands 2009 in Photos September 9, 2009

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So much blogging to do, so little time …

But let’s start with Headlands, the 50 Mile race I completed on August 8th. Last year, Headlands was my very first 50 Mile finish, so I will likely always have a soft spot for this fantastic race in the the beautiful Marin Headlands of California.  This year the course had changed and was much harder, but no less beautiful. I won’t go into a lot of detail about the race … you can read my race report on my workout blog if you are so inclined. But I thought I’d do a little pictorial recap here. To give credit where it’s due, other people (mostly Henry and Brice) took most of these photos. I was too busy trying to get through this beast of a race to pull out my camera very often. But these photos will give you some idea of what I went through and why I love this race so much.

Let’s start at the very beginning, just a few friends hanging out before the big event … Jeff, Brice, Henry, and me.

1 Pre-Race Gang

And here I am just before the start, still fresh and full of energy (that wouldn’t last long) …

2 Pre-Race MDI

Here’s a view looking down from the first climb …

3 First Climb

This is the trail coming out of the first aid station at Tennessee Valley (we would be back here several more times) …

4 Between TV and MB 1

This is the view I saw coming over the ridge about 20 miles into the race …

6 Bridge View 1

And here I am with this incredible view behind me, still looking pretty fresh …

7 Marcia with Bridge View 1

This is pretty early on in our second loop, a nice day for a sail as well as a run!

8 more Sailboats on 2nd Loop

So lovely! Let’s take another look, shall we?

9 Sailboats on 2nd Loop

The second loop was the reverse of the first, so we got to enjoy this view all over again …

10 Bridge View 2

And here I am with Brice … we ran the entire race together!

11 Me & Brice with Bridge

Hit a rough patch for a while, but finally picked it up heading back into Muir Beach, about 40 miles into the race. I’m on the right in the white shirt running down the hill …

12 Heading into Muir Beach

This is Pirates Cove … getting closer and closer to the finish!

12 Pirates Cove 1

Ran the very last stretch of the race as the sun was setting over the water …

13 Sunset at Finish

Looking considerably more worn out – and with a giant ‘fro in Brice’s case ;-) – after a successful finish!

14 Post Race

Spent the next day recovering at Muir Woods. I don’t look too bad for having run 50 miles …

15 MI at Muir Woods

Muir Woods was absolutely beautiful!

16 Muir Woods

I even managed a little bit more climbing … but it hurt! :-P

17 Climbing at Muir Woods

My 7th and hardest ultra so far! It was an epic experience … but I feel so blessed to be able to accomplish something so difficult, in such beautiful surroundings, with such great friends. Worth every one of the 810 minutes it took me!

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